Project Dashboard Cable Processing EcoStrip 9380 with PreFeeder 1100 Overview Workflow

1 EcoStrip9380 Overview

Familiarize yourself with the Schleuniger EcoStrip 9380 and its safety features.

The 9380 is a semi-automatic cable processing unit capable of producing large quantities of processed wire accurately. The proper function and adjustment of the machine to perform as desired is dependent upon the operator’s diligence. Be attentive and cautious when operating this machine.

1) Safety cover – must be closed in order to operate the machine. This cover is lifted to load/unload raw material, and clear blockages.

2) Display – Touch screen display where the user programs the machine’s behavior via a graphical user interface.

3) Illumination – our 9380 is equipped with illumination to make the operating area more visible.

4) Left Contact pressure – spring loaded adjustment that controls the amount of pressure applied between the feed rollers to the raw material.

5) Immovable Guide – feeds raw material to the feeding units. The appropriate guide must be installed prior to loading raw material.

6) Wire end monitoring – detects the presence of raw material. Upon reaching the end of the wire the lever will fall and production will be stopped until more raw material is loaded.

7) Left feeding unit – motor driven rollers responsible for moving raw material forward and back.

8) Feeding unit opener – knob used to raise the upper feed roller to allow raw material to be passed through before lowering to apply contact pressure while feeding. Turn clockwise to open, counter-clockwise to close.

9) Swivel guide – transports raw material from the feeding unit to the cutting unit. After the cut the guide lifts up, allowing clearance for the left wire end to be processed.

10) Cutting unit – responsible for precise movements including cutting, incising of the insulation, and holding of the insulation during pull-off.

11) Right feeding unit – motor driven rollers responsible for the output end of raw material transport as well as precise feeding movements during processing the right and left wire ends (stripping.)

12) Outlet – where the processed wire is ejected from the machine, a safety feature that prevents intrusion during machine operation.

13) Feeding Unit Gap Adjustment Wheel – Adjusts gap height between right feed rollers according to size of raw material to be processed. Adjustments are guided by the Graphical User Interface during the loading of raw material.

14) Right contact pressure - spring loaded adjustment that controls the amount of pressure applied between the feed rollers to the raw material.

15) Tool holder – storage for the differing sizes of guides for use with different sizes of raw material, as well as tools used in the operation and general maintenance of the machine.

EcoStrip 9380 Overview

2 EcoStrip9380 Safety Features

Safety features:

1)Safety cover – as mentioned above, must be fully in the down position in order to operate the machine.

2) Safety Switch – ensures the machine will not operate while the safety cover is open.

3) Lower cover – access protection with a slot for ejection of slugs, or wire when processed in “Short Mode.” At Aleph Objects we do not process any wire which requires the machine be placed in Short Mode.

4) Safety guard – prevents intrusion of the operating area.

5) Emergency stop button – Stops all machine motion while pressed. Be aware of its location should a jam occur that is not detected by the machine's Jam Detection feature. Trigger of the 9380’s emergency stop button will automatically halt operations of the PreFeeder unit as well. Both will need reset prior to continuing operation. Schleuniger advises a minimal wait time of 3 seconds after the button is pressed before re-activating the machine, an electrical fault may occur. To release the emergency stop button, turn it slightly in either direction and it will pop back up.

EcoStrip 9380 Safety Features

3 PreFeeder1100 Overview

Familiarize yourself with the Schleuniger PreFeeder 1100

The PreFeeder 1100 is a variable speed, belt driven feed assist for use with the EcoStrip 9380. Spools of raw material are loaded onto the cable reel holder on the left side of the PreFeeder. Raw material is then passed through the transport belts and around both rollers of the accumulator, beginning and ending with the bottom, where it is then passed to the EcoStrip 9380.

Refer to the diagram for feature identification.

The operator panel on the PreFeeder 1100 consists of the green illuminated Run/Reset button and the Emergency Stop button. Activate/Release the Emergency Stop Button as described above in the event of a fault. Triggering of the 9380’s Emergency Stop Button also disrupts operation of the PreFeeder until it is reset via the Run/Reset button on the operator panel.

Transport on the PreFeeder 1100 is belt driven. The knob on top of the transport unit is used to set the gap between the transport belts according to the size of raw material to be loaded. The Quick Lock is used to release tension between the transport belts so that raw material can easily be passed through during loading and unloading. The transport unit’s protective cover must be in place to operate the machine.

Refer to the diagram for Accumulator; When the Accumulator is full, the drive for the transport belts is turned off. The speed of the Transport belts is controlled by the position of the lower Dancer Roller. The higher the Lower Roller rises, the faster the Transport belts will spin. If the upper limit position switch is triggered, operation of the EcoStrip and the PreFeeder will cease until both units are reset properly.

PreFeeder 1100 OverView
PreFeeder 1100 Operator Panel
PreFeeder 1100 Transport Unit
PreFeeder 1100 Accumulator & Dancer Roller

4 Overview Complete

Now that you’re familiar with the various components of the EcoStrip 9380 & PreFeeder 1100, please proceed to the Operation Guide.

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