Project Dashboard TAZ 3 Electronics Case Assembly, TAZ KT-CP0036 Workflow

1 Gather parts and tools to build the Electronics case assembly

  • Components:

    • Electroinics case
    • RAMBo 1.1b board
    • Inner strain relief with inserts
    • M3 x 12 SHCS
    • M3 x 5 SHCS
    • M3 washer
  • Tools:

    • 2.5mm Allen Driver
2.5mm allen driver

2 Install the Inner strain relief

Install the Inner strain relief using 3x M3 x 12 SHCS and M3 washers.

Parts to install strain relief.
Strain relief installed.

3 Install the RAMBo board

Using 4x M3 x 5 SHCS, install the RAMBo board into the electronics case.
Make sure the USB plug lines up with the hole in the case.

Parts to install the RAMBo board.
USB plug in case.
RAMBo board installed.
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