Project Dashboard Miscellaneous Control Box Assembly TAZ Pro S Workflow

1 Required Cable Harnesses

2 Required Components

3 Required Hardware

4 Prepare Power Supply

5 Install CB Tie Downs & Power Supply

6 Install rocker switch and receptacle

7 Connect Switch, Power Supply, and Receptacle

8 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

9 Install LCD Assembly

10 Install Archim PCBA

11 Install Case Fan

12 Install USB Reader Assembly & Bezel

13 Install EL-HR0159 Y/Z Internal Harness

14 Connect EL-HR0150 CB Z Max Harness

15 Connect EL-HR0155 CB Bed Harness

16 Connect EL-HR0148 CB Bed Power Harness

17 Connect EL-HR0151 CB X Harness

18 Connect EL-HR0153 CB Extruder Harness

19 Connect EL-HR0156 Erase Switch Harness

20 Connect EL-HR0147 LCD/USB Harness

21 Connect all ground terminals to ground post

22 Install Interconnect Housing & EL-HR0143 Y/Z Harness

23 Install EL-HR0140 Bed Harness

24 Connect EL-HR0144 Filament Sensor Harness

25 Connect EL-HR0141 Extruder X Harness

26 Install Interconnect Housing Cover PP-FP0153

27 Install Electronics Cover PP-FP0150

28 Proceed to Control Box Testing

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