Project Dashboard Miscellaneous Calibration - TAZ Pro S Workflow

1 Verify torque specs

2 Install Extruder Cap

3 Install print surface

4 Connect bed harness

5 Tighten wiper mounts and cable cover

6 Hi-Pot Testing

7 Apply Certification Sticker

8 Tension X-Axis drive belt

You will need a Gates 508C Sonic Tension Meter on setting number 7

Tighten the X-Belt Tensioner fasteners in even increments until the target tension is reached.
Target: 23-45N
Always ensure measurements are taken at the middle with the X Carriage in the middle; measure the long portion of the belt (closest the lower smooth rod). The portion of belt being measured should not contact anything while being measured; this will cause inaccurate measurements.

Once tension on the belt is properly set, cut off the excess belt from both sides of the part but leave approximately 10mm protruding from the motor side. This allows for grip should the belt tension need adjusted post-assembly.

Gates 508C Sonic Tension Meter
tighten this fastener
and this fastener
until the proper tension measurement is achieved
cut excess belt to roughly 10mm from the edge of the carriage

9 Verify Motion of Axes

10 Check Fans & Firmware

11 Verify belt alignment

12 Run burn in gcode

13 Run Auto Calibration sequence

14 Load Filament

15 Run Vernier calibration print

16 Measure skirt and adjust Z OFFSET

17 Inspect the X axis vernier

18 Inspect the Y Axis vernier

19 Inspect circular dimensional accuracy

20 Backlash Adjustment

21 Verify calibration adjustments

22 Complete Quality Assurance record & pass to packaging

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