Project Dashboard TAZ 3 Print Head Assembly, TAZ KT-CP0031 Workflow

1 Gather the parts for the Print head assembly.

  • Components:

    • Extruder Assembly
    • Extruder Mount
    • Budaschnozzle 2.0c with 0.35 nozzle.
    • M4 x 20 SHCS
    • M4 Washer
  • Tools:

    • 3mm Allen Driver
    • Short piece of 3mm filament
3mm allen driver

2 Assemble the print head

Slide the piece of filament through the extruder and into the Budaschnozzle.
Insert 2x M4 nuts into the mounting flange of the extruder body.
Using 2x M4 x 20 SHCS and M4 washers, assemble the Budaschnozzle, extruder and extruder mount together.

Parts to assemble print head.
M4 nuts shown in extruder flange.
Tighten bolts all the way down.
Verify large gear doesn't rub extruder mount.
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