Project Dashboard Cable Processing Brushless DC Winding Machine Workflow

1 Clearing the Count (C)

To clear the count or C located in the upper right corner press the 0 button

Welcome Screen
Press the 0 button
The count C should show 0

2 Twist Count (T)

To set the twist count or T located in the lower left corner press the 7 button the first number after the N: in the middle of the screen should be flashing

Then press the Right Arrow button to select the twist count T, the first number by the T should be flashing

Next set the twist count to the required amounts of twists (The twist count for the pictures is 20)

Finally Press the Red and Blue button to enter set number of twist

Note: To clear the twist count press the red and blue button, clearing the twist count will not reset the count limit you will need to manually change that following the steps above

Press the 7 button
There should be a flashing line under the first number after the N then push the right arrow button
Push the first number of the required amounts of twists
Push the second number of the required amount of twists
Once the correct number of twist had been entered push the red and blue button to set the amount
Press the red and blue button to clear the twist count T
Twist count will not be reset just cleared

3 Bale Warning

Once the Count C reaches 7 "warning---8 Bale is Over" is pop up, you can disregard this message and continue twisting Note: You can keep twisting after the warning pops up and it will keep counting for you

Disregard this warning, it will not mess up the count C or twist count T
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