Project Dashboard LulzBot Bio Bio Z-Axis Right Assembly Workflow

1 Gather Materials

1x- [AS-PR0178] X End Idler Assembly With Inserts and Bushings, Bio
1x- [AS-PR0180] Z Upper Right Assembly, Bio
1x- [PP-GP0511] Belt Tensioning Collar, Bio
1x- [PP-GP0502] Adjustable Belt Tensioner, Bio
1x- [PP-GP0512] Z Belt Clamp, Bio
1x- [PP-IS0125] Z-Lower Right w/ inserts, Bio
1x- [EL-MT0029] NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, Moons' - NOT INCLUDING wire harness
1x- [HD-BT0012] M3 Set Screw (Grub Screw)
1x- [HD-BL0033] Timing belt, 372 teeth, GT2 2mm pitch, 744 mm pitch length, 6 mm belt width, Neoprene
4x- [HD-BT0146] M3 x 12 BHCS, Black Oxide, Class 10.9 Steel
1x- [HD-MS0033] GT2, 16 Teeth, timing pulley, AL
2x- [HD-MS0230] Socket Head Cap Screw, Alloy Steel, M2 Thread, 6mm Length
2x- [HD-WA0012] Steel Flat Washer, M2 screw size
6x- [HD-WA0038] Black-Oxide Steel Flat Washer, M3 Screw Size
2x- [HD-RD0078] 8mm x 315mm Hardened Steel Linear Rods
2x- [HD-BT0042] Metric Class 12.9 Socket Head Cap Screw, Allow Steel, M3 Thread, 30mm Length, 0.50mm Pitch


2 Prep the Z-Upper and Z-lower with motor sub-assemblies

a) Using an 8mm part reaming tool, ream the 8mm smooth rod hole on the Z-Lower printed part [PP-IS0125] that has the M3 insert by turning the reamer clockwise in the hole. Be careful to NOT remove to much material causing the smooth rods to sit loose.

b) Insert a set screw [HD-BT0012] into the designated place on the z-lower right.

c) Attach a Pulley [HD-MS0033] to a Motor [EL-MT0029] offset the pulley from the face of the motor 13mm. Use the printed jig to ensure consistency. Ensure one of the pulley set screws is aligned with the flat segment of the motor shaft and the other set screw is position on the left side of the motor and tighten securely.

c) Secure the motor to the z-lower right with 4x- M3x12 BHCS [HD-BT0146] with 4x- M3 washers [HD-WA0038] , tighten screws to 8 in*lbs.

d) Insert a set screw [HD-BT0012] into the z-upper right [AS-PR0088].

a) Use the 8mm reamer to carefully ream the z-lower
b) Insert set screw
c) Make sure the set screw is positioned over the flat of the motor shaft
c) Use the proper jig to properly space the pulley
c) Secure the motor to the z-lower right with 4x M3x12 BHCS
c) Finished prepping the z lower right
d) Prep the set screw for the z-upper right
d) Insert the set screw

3 Prep the X-End Idler

a) Cut a belt [HD-BL0033] straight with the teeth of the belt and insert one end into the lower slot of the Z-Belt clamping feature. Secure in place using one Z-Belt Clamp [PP-GP0308] with two M2x6 SHCS [HD-MS0230] with washers [HD-WA0012].

b) Insert 2x smooth rods [HD-RD0035] into the X-End Idler [PP-GP0087].

c) Insert the bottom end of the 2x smooth rods into the z-lower right sub-assembly.

d) Insert the top end of the 2x smooth rods into the slots in the z-upper right sub-assembly.

c) Check to ensure set screws are in the X-End Idler.

a) Cut the belt
a) Insert the belt into the lower clamping feature
a) Obtain 2x M2x6 SHCS with washers
a) Secure the belt clamp
b) Insert smooth rods into the x end idler
c) Insert the z-lower right into the bottom end of the smooth rods
d) Insert the top of the smooth rods into the z upper right
e) Double check that the set screws are in place

4 Route the belt

a) Route the belt down around the Z-Motor pulley and up through the hole in the X-End Idler [AS-PR0087]

b) Continue through the bearing in the Z-Upper Right [AS-PR0088] so that the belt makes a loop back to the X-End Idler without twisting.

c) Install one Belt Tensioning Collar [PP-GP0307] onto the belt with the narrow end facing the Z-Upper Right Assembly [AS-PR0088] and the slack retaining side facing the inside of the printer.

d) Slide the belt through the upper slot of the Z-Belt clamping feature; Secure in place using one Z-Belt Clamp [PP-GP0308] with two M2x6 SHCS [HD-MS0230] with washers [HD-WA0012]

a) Route the belt around the timing pulley
a) Make sure the belt runs through the x-end idler without twisting
b) Continue around the bearing in the z-upper right, looping back to the x-end idler
c) Install the belt tensioning collar
d) Slide the belt through the upper clamping feature of the x-end idler
d) Secure the belt clamp in place with 2x M2x6 SHCS
d) Do not tighten all the way
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