Project Dashboard KITTAZ KITTAZ X End Idler Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • X End Idler A5
  • X End Plate A9
  • Double Bearing Holder A2
  • M3x12 SHCS B9
  • M3 Washers B7
  • M5x10 SHCS B14
  • M5 Washers B13
  • 608 Bearing B21
  • M8x35 BHCS B19
  • M8 Nyloc Nut B17
  • M8 Washer B18

Tools Required

  • 2.5 mm Allen Driver
  • 5 mm Allen Driver
  • 13 mm wrench

2 Assemble X End Idler with bearings

Install 2 608 bearings with a M8x35 SHCS, M8 washers, and a M8 nyloc nut.

Note, there is no washer under the head of the bolt.

Tighten the bolt all the way down.

X End Idler with components

3 Attach X End Idler to X End Plate

Attach X End Idler to the X End Plate using 3 M5x10 SHCS with M5 Washers.

Note orientation of X End Idler.

X End Idler and Plate
X End Idler attached to Plate
Note Orientation

4 Attach Double Bearing to X End Plate

Attach the Double Bearing Holder to the X End Plate using 4 M3x12 SHCS and M3 Washers.

Note the orientation of the double bearing holder.

Make sure to match the orientation shown in the photo.

Leave the bearing holder loose at this point.

X End Plate and Double Bearing Holder
Double Bearing Installed, note orientation of double bearing
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