Project Dashboard Firmware Flashing Modifying your local Windows Arduino Installation Workflow

1 Download the Arduino IDE

If you already have the Arduino IDE installed on your computer you may skip this step. Continue with the next step.

  • Open a new browser window and load the Arduino website found at
  • Select the Download tab.
  • Scroll down to the download options
  • Click on the Windows Installer option or place your mouse over the Windows Installer text and Right Click and select Save as.
  • Save the file and make sure to note where the file has been saved.

    • Please note that some firmware may require a specific version of the Arduino IDE, version 1.0.5. 1.0.5-R2 may not compatible. Past versions of the Arduino IDE can be found on
  • Use your file exporer to navigate to the download location if neccessary.

  • Double click on the file to install the Arduino IDE.
  • Once installed proceed to the next step.
Download Arduino IDE
Select Appropriate Installer File

2 Download the required libraries from

  • In a new browser window, go to and select the Support tab.
  • On the left side of the page, select Downloads.
  • In the Software section, Firmware category, locate the Arduino Addons archive.
  • Save the file, and note the file location.

The file is also located here.

Click on Support
Select Downloads
Firmware options

3 Extract the Files

Use your favorite archive manager to extract the ArduinoAddons.tar file. If you do not have an archive manager, we recommend 7-Zip

  • Once opened in your archive manager:
  • Click on Extract.
  • Note the intended folder location.
  • Select OK
Click on marlin_taz.tar
Click on Extract
Note the Address

4 Navigate to the folders to be added to the Arduino Installation

  • Open the folder location of the extracted ArduinoAddons folder.
  • Double click on the Arduino-1x folder.
  • Once the Libraries and Hardware folders are visible, stop and open a new file browser window.
Open ArduinoAddons Folder
Open Arduino-1.x Folder
Folders to be merged with the Arduino Installation

5 Locate and open the local Arduino files

The Arduino files can typcailly be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino. If not, look under C:\Program Files.

  • Move the previous window, with the Libraries and Hardware folder so that it is visible and next to the window showing the Arduino folder contents.
  • Press and hold the CRTL button on your keyboard and with your mouse, select both the Libraries and Hardware folders.
  • Release the CTRL button and using the mouse, select and drag both folders into the empty area below the files in the Arduino files window.
  • At the Replace or Skip Files window, select Replace the files in the destination.
  • You may be asked to provide administrator permission- Click on Continue to do so.
  • The Libraries folders should be merged, not nested. An alternative method- Open the Marlin libraries folder, and move the three folders found within (SPI, Liquid Crystal, and U8Glib) to the Arduino IDE libraries folder.
  • The folders should now be merged with your Arduino IDE installation. The Arduino IDE should now be updated with the required libraries.
  • Open and close the Arduino IDE program before attempting to compile or load any firmware.
Typical Arduino Installation Location
Drag the Libraries & Sanguino Folders to the Arduino Window
Replace the Files
Allow the Process To Continue
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