Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Aerodapter Kit Assembly & Packaging - Mini Workflow

1 Install thermal inserts - make PP-GP0354

Materials required:
1x- [PP-GP0354] Aerodapter Mini Mount
3x- [HD-MS0158] M5 Inserts

Follow the insert diagram to install three (3) M5 Inserts [HD-MS0158] to the Aerodapter Mini Mount [PP-GP0354]

Insert instructions for PP-GP0354
Completed Aerodapter Mini Mount with Inserts - Front
Completed Aerodapter Mini Mount with Inserts - Back

2 Build AS-CB0089 harness according to diagram

Build the harness according to the drawing provided

AS-CB0089 Drawing

3 Test the harness

This test utilizes the TAZ 6 Extruder Harness test panel attached to Cablescan Controller A

First, attach the Microfit adapter jumper to the top single row header on the test panel with the clip facing up and extra pin slots hanging over the left of the header, as pictured.

Then attach the white label side of the 16pin to 20pin Male to Female adapter jumper to the test panel, ensuring the label is facing up as pictured.

Connect the 20 pin dual row connector end of the harness to the Male to Female adapter jumper, aligning the two arrow labels as pictured.

Connect the Microfit side to the Microfit adapter jumper; this can only be connected in one orientation.

Power on Cablescan Controller A

Use the UP/DOWN arrows to navigate to "LOAD INTERNAL", select by pressing MENU/RUN

Use the UP/DOWN arrows to navigate to "Load Int 030064", select by pressing MENU/RUN

The Cablescan's display will now read "Loaded 030064"

Press TEST to run the test

If the harness passes the test, the Cablescan's display will now read PASSED 0001/0001 and the harness can be removed from the test panel. It is not necessary to remove the adapter jumpers from the test panel unless switching to test another harness.

If the Cablescan display reads anything other than PASSED, first verify that all connections are properly aligned and secured.
Consult the harness build diagram above to ensure the harness was built properly. If the cause of the failure cannot be located, refer to MER department or follow standard Non-Conforming materials handling process.

TAZ 6 Extruder Harness test panel
Attach Microfit adapter jumper
Microfit adapter jumper installed to test panel
Attach Male to Female adapter jumper to test panel
Male to Female adapter jumper installed to test panel
Align labels and connect 20 pin connector
Connect Microfit connector
Harness properly connected to test stand
Load Int 030064
Loaded 030064
Press TEST button
Cablescan reflecting successful test PASSED

4 Attach tested harness to inserted mount adapter

Using a Cable Tie [HD-MS0058], attach the harness [AS-CB0089] to the Aerodapter mount [PP-GP0354]

Beginning with the latch on the right, loop the zip tie through the two small slots on the right side of the printed mount.

Lay the Microfit side of the harness [AS-CB0089] in the zip tie with the clip facing down.

Close the zip tie, but but before tightening, position the connector 20mm from the zip tie as pictured.

Cut off any excess zip tie past the latch so that it is flush

Zip tied looped through printed mount
Position the connector 20mm from the zip tie
Cut excess flush with zip tie latch

5 Packaging - KT-CP0141

The completed assembly must now be packaged for retail sale

Gather the following materials:
1x- [AS-TH0071] Aerodapter Mini 1 Assembly
1x- [HD-BT0116] M3x10 FHCS
2x- [HD-BT0005] M3x10 SHCS
2x- [HD-WA0038] Black M3 Washer
1x- [HD-MS0375] ESD Foam - Extruder pin protection
1x- [SH-PG0019] White Shipping Labels, 2x4"
1x- [SH-PG0025] 5x8" 2mil Reclosable Bag 1x- [DC-LB0174] P65 Warning Label

Apply one ESD Pin Protector Foam [HD-MS0375] to the exposed male pins on the end of the adapter harness

Place the fasteners and washers into the Bag [SH-PG0025]

Place one printed label [SH-PG0019] towards the center of the bag as pictured then add [DC-LB0174] above product label.

Place the Aerodapter assembly [AS-TH0071] into the bag with the fasteners, close the bag

Apply ESD Foam Pin Protector to exposed male pins
Place hardware in the bag
Apply two labels to bag
Place Aerodapter Assembly in the bag, close the bag; completed KT-CP0141
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