Project Dashboard Mini v1.03 Mini X Carriage Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • X carriage
  • Upper bearing holder
  • Male cable guide connector
  • M3x12 SHCS
  • M3x6 Flat head
  • M3 washer


  • 2.5 mm Allen driver
  • 2 mm Allen driver

2 Attach male cable guide to upper bearing holder

Attach the male cable guide connector to the upper bearing holder using 2x M3x6 flat head screws as shown.

Upper bearing holder, cable guide and hardware
Cable guide attached, note orientation

3 Attach upper bearing holder to X carriage

Make sure bearings are flush with the holder and X-carriage.

Attach the upper bearing holder to the X carriage using 4x M3x12 SHCS with M3 washers as shown, leave the screws a little loose, they will get tightened down later.

Note orientation
Attached view other side

4 Attach belt mount

Attach the belt mount to the side with the bearing on it using 3x M3x12 SHCS with M3 washers as shown.

View from other side
Complete, note orientation
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