Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder Tool Head Installation LulzBot TAZ 3-4 Workflow

1 Getting Started

Before beginning, we need to make sure the following items are on hand:



  • 2.5mm wrench (included with the TAZ toolkit)
2.5-mm Hex Driver

2 Disconnect the Exisitng Toolhead

Power down the printer before continuing. Unplugging the hot end while powered can lead to board damage.

  • Once powered down, disconnect the two connector pairs- the multicolored stepper motor connector and the red & orange hot end connector.
Unplug the Connectors
Connectors Unplugged

3 Remove the Exisitng Toolhead

  • Use the 2.5-mm wrench to remove the one M3 screw holding the current extruder mount to the X axis carriage.

  • Save the screw and washer.

  • Lift the existing toolhead straight up to remove and set aside.

Remove Mounting Screw
Remove the Toolhead
Toolhead Removed

4 Mount Flexystruder

  • Mount the Flexystruder by sliding in the lower portion of the mounting plate into the X axis pocket

  • Center and fully seat the Flexystruder, making sure that the screw hole lines up.

Mount the Flexystruder

5 Secure the Flexystruder

  • Use the M3 screw and the 2.5-mm driver secure the Flexystruder to the X axis carriage.
Secure the Flexystruder

6 Reconnect the Hot End & Stepper Motor

When reconnecting the hot end and stepper motor, make sure to match the colors on each wire harness.

  • Connect the red & orange wire pair to the red & orange wire harness connector.

  • Connect the multi-colored wire pair to the multi-colored wire harness connector.

Reconnect the Hot End & Stepper

7 Load the Filament

  • Load your favorite flexible filament into the hot end.

  • Manually turn the large herringbone gear, counter-clockwise to drive the filament into the hot end.

  • If you encounter resistance, stop and rotate the gear clockwise.

    • Cut the end of the filament at an angle and reinsert the filament.
    • Rotate the large gear counter-clockwise to drive the filament into the hot end.
Load the Filament
Drive the Filament Into the Hot End

8 Adjust the filament tension knob

  • Ensure the filament tension knob has an approximately 2mm gap between the end of the thumbscrew and the body of the extruder

  • Calibrate your Flexystruder by going to our Extruder Calibration Guide

IMPORTANT - If installing on a TAZ 3D printer equipped with the All-Metal Hexagon Hot End (Fangtooth), you'll need to reflash the printer with our Flexy TAZ 5 firmware to power the flexystruder.

  • Print something awesome!
Adjust the Knob If Neccessary.
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