Project Dashboard Mini v1.03 Mini Bed Plate Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • Bed plate
  • Belt mount
  • Bed corners
  • Wiper mount
  • M3x12 SHCS
  • M3x8 BHCS
  • M3x6 flat head screw
  • M3 washer
  • M3 Nyloc nut
  • M3x8 spacer
  • Male cable guide connector
  • Bed wire harness


  • 2.5 mm Allen driver
  • 2 mm Allen driver
  • 5.5 mm wrench
  • Plate holder

2 Install bed corners

Mount the 4x bed corners to the bed plate using 8x M3x8 BHCS and M3 washers as shown making sure you just secure them finger tight, don't squish the bed corners.

The side of the bed plate with the two recessed holes is the top mounting surface.

Bed corner fastend
All four on, note orientation

3 Add Belt mount

Fasten the belt mount to the bottom of the bed plate using 3x M3x8 BHCS and M3 washers as shown.

You can use the bed plate holder if needed.

Belt mount and hardware
Bed plate holder
Bed plate in holder
View of belt mount secured from top
Belt mount from back

4 Add the wiper mount

Attach the wiper mount to the bed plate using 2x M3x8 BHCS, M3 washers as shown.

Note orientation.

Wiper mount and hardware

5 Add the male cable guide connector

Add the male cable guide connector using 2x M3x6 flat head screws as shown.

Connector and hardware
Installed, note orientation

6 Add the bed harness

Connect the bed harness to the cable tracks connector. Reference pictures for orientation.

Secure black ground lug to bed with 1x M3x8 steel bolt and star washer. Make sure the star washer is under the ground lug and touching the bed.

Attach nyloc nut to secure ground lug to bed.

Harness and hardware
Orientation of harness
Ground lug fastened
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