Project Dashboard Mini v1.03 Mini Spool Arm Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • Spool arm
  • Spool mount
  • Spool hinge
  • M5x10 SHCS
  • M5x10 Shoulder
  • M5 washer

Tools Required

  • 4 mm Allen driver
  • 3 mm Allen driver

2 Attach hinge and spool arm to mount

Attach the hinge to the mount using 2x M5x10 shoulder bolts, no washers, as shown.

Attach the spool arm to the mount with 2x M5x14 SHCS with M5 washers as shown.

Components and hardware
Hinge and drill bit
Drill hinge with hand drill
Hinge attached, note orientation
Spool arm attached, note orientation
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