Project Dashboard TAZ 4 LCD Case Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly


  • GLCD
  • LCD case
  • Knob
  • LCD Spacer
  • M2.5x12 SHCS
  • M2.5 washer


  • 2 mm Allen Driver
  • 1/16 Allen Driver

2 Mount LCD into case

Install LCD spacer between the circuit boards and drop a M2.5x12 SHCS with M2.5 washer through it.

Do this in all 4 corners of the board.

Set the LCD with screws down into the LCD case and tighten the screws down.

LCD spacer location

3 Add knob onto LCD

Install the knob onto the LCD with the set screw aligned with the flat.

The knob will go all the way down to a step on the shaft.

Tighten the set screw down.

Knob aligned with flat

4 Test the LCD

Insert a test SD card.

Plug the LCD into the test fixture.

Click the reset button on the RAMBo board.

Verify there are no defects in the LCD screen and it boots up normally.

Click the knob and verify it makes a beep.

Scroll through menu till you get to print from SD. Click and verify it lists files from SD card.

Insert SD card
Plug in #1 on left
Push plugs all the way in
Push reset button on RAMBo
Watch for boot up screen
Verify main screen looks normal
File list on SD card
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